Formulation Research Scientist



1. Publication research and review, formulation selection and process optimization and scale up;

2. Research project plan, execution and evaluation, including formulation selection, process optimization, packaging design, transportation condition, stability and regular review and study on new formulations;

3. Formulation research and development in compliance to GMP regulations;

4. Good record keeping and reporting skills, as well as basic understanding of archiving;

5. Maintain instruments;



1. Bachelor degree or equivalent in pharmacology, medicine, medical engineering and chemistry;

2. Prior work experience (at least 1 year) in formulation development. Good experience in a wide range of formulations and prior experience in pharmaceutical companies is preferred;

3. Able to operate and maintain formulation equipment;

4. Familiar with GMP regulations in product manufacturing and registration. ANDA development experience and familiarity with ICH guidelines are preferred;

5. Good team player with strong execution and communication skills is required;