Process Research Scientist



1. Perform chemical reactions, isolations, separations, purifications, and crystallizations at scales ranging from lab scale to pilot scale;

2. Good knowledge of technical skills on lab scale, pilot scale and production of chemical synthesis, perform on process route discovery and definition, improvement and optimization;

3. Highly motivated, strong attention to detail, and ability to think independently on project completion;

4. Documentation and categorization of experimental records and related materials;

5. Keep accurate, legible and complete records of all experiments on a timely basis;

6. A good command of laboratory skills and maintenance routinely;



1. B.S. degree or equivalent in synthetic organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry;

2. Experienced in organic synthesis with strong problem-solving ability;

3. In-depth understanding of modern synthetic organic chemistry and solid experimental laboratory skills. Previous experience with preparation of novel chemical structures or optimization of synthetic route for scale up is highly desired;

4. Strong motivation, attention to detail, and ability to think independently and fully integrate into a high achieving team environment;